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Our landscape services really do cover ANYTHING that can be installed in the modern garden. With over 35 years of experience and over 1000 homes landscaped, Custom has had the pleasure to work on a wide array of projects. We design, build then maintain all of the headings in the website. We only choose the plants for you that we have had success with in our climate. As owner, Jeff Ferrasci is on the jobs EVERY day, without fail. We guarantee all work, even plants for a full year from time of acceptance.

Our plant material is generally hand selected by Jeff Ferrasci. Many common plants grown in commercial nurseries, however are of a good standard and rarely vary in size or health. We, however, select the 15 gallon and above plants for all projects from 3 different growers, all have their individual strong suits. Any plant that comes to a job and does not meet our standards is immediately rejected. Our sod comes from the San Joaquin Valley and is installed the same morning it is harvested. There are 8 different types of grass available from our supplier and they all are distinct and beautiful, Plant accessories such as terra cotta planters, stone planters, small trellises for vines are all supplied by our nursery sources.

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